Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sensual Music

Dearest Larissa,

Nothing is more beautiful in nature than a woman when she comes, when the suffusing bliss of orgasm overtakes her and the exquisite ecstasy of it all registers on her face.

I want my words to slide into you and curl up inside your imagination like fingers slipping inside your pussy after you have moistened.... after you have become petal-open. I want my words swirling around in the convolutions of my sentences like a tongue swirling around inside you, parting you open, now twirling around the little bud I would love to be kissing right now, as you are stretched out before me, legs spread open, back arched, with my hands on each bosom, near your heart, sensing you, like a seisomograph, as you quiver, as you breathe harder and faster, as you begin to pant, as your sighing and moanings ascend the scale in the octaves of orgasm, with my tongue now giving way to my cock as my baton to orchestrate it all.

I want to slip inside you deep and hard and full, and have you pull me deeper into you, and I will then respond with the most erotic and romantic act of all--a passionate kiss--and as our lips mate, the rhythm of lovemaking begins: I want to make love to you slowly at first, a violin bow taking you pianissimo, my motions getting every string inside you vibrating, and then as the pace picks up, you become a clarinet fingered, a sax blown, a flute kissed and whispered over, and then a drum.

Yes, when we join in for the crescendo, your thrusts meeting mine, the percussion instruments take over, my cock beating, pounding deep inside you. Then its full orchestral accompaniment, all your senses aroused as you begin to explode and flow, explode and flow, in pulsations of pleasure, a philarhmonium of sound waves flooding over a concert hall

Men, as you know, love women with some sexual initiative, and I tend to believe that women who take charge of their own sexuality, and know how to pursue it and achieve pleasure and happiness, are the one's most capable of multiple orgasms and the height of bliss in the bedroom (or outdoors).

For my own pleasure, I sometimes love a woman on top, teasing me long, squeezing me slow, making love to be fast and hard, facing me, then turning around, pivoting on my cock, and doing it again, teasing me slow, rising up and down slowly, burying my cock in her cunt, and then slowly lifting herself off until I am almost outside of her, giving me a show, hiding my cock inside her and then revealing its full length and then settling back down on me, cushioning her spongy ass against me, her cunt just soaking me up amidst all of her wetness.

I also love it when a woman goes into a trot, and then into a canter, and then into a full gallop when she is facing me or facing away from me, as if I am watching her ride bareback, ready and able to ride the mustang, to buc the bronco and stay on, and then I love, after the woman has ridden herself into the beautiful sunset of an orgasm, pulling the woman back into my arms, my hands criss-crossing over her, a hand on each bosom, and I love her until she is a saxophone wailing and bleating, the only accompaniment the percussion of my fucking and maybe a hand strumming her pussy, as if it is the bass of a jazz trio, helping her come as I do my riffing.

For my own best pleasure, however, for the way I can achieve the most intense orgasm during intercourse, I will make love to your pussy with my tongue and then flip you around, get you on all fours, slip a pillow or two underneath you, perch up your ass on the pillows, spread your legs a bit, and then fuck you from behind, buckled in tight, getting to the verge of coming as fast as I can by fucking you hard and deep.

Then I will slow down and prolong it, softening you up, slowly and more slowly, until you feel as though you are nothing but liquid honey, barely contained inside thin paraffin walls of its combs, and until I feel my cock fully enflamed and engorged with love and rays of trapped sunshine, and then I fuck you hard and fast, loving the noise it makes when I slap up against your butt, increasing the tempo, a bongo player trying to keep up with Santana on the guitar, then its just all supernatural, a love supreme, ecstasy.



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