Sunday, May 31, 2009

Style Transformation: Prose Stripped Down

Dearest Larissa,

You make me write like no other woman has ever made me write. I just want to pound the keys in short sentences. No poetry. No metaphor. Prose stripped down to verb and object: Fuck me. Prose stripped down to two words: Cock and Cunt. Your cunt and my cock. Your mind and my mind. Your imagination and my imagination. Your lust and my lust.

Spread open for me. Spread your legs wide. I love to see hungry pussy. Damn, that’s a metaphor. Strike it. Just spread your cunt….and your ass open for me too. I’ll fuck you there as well. I love to hear women mew and moan as they get fucked. You've unleashed my lust. I want to unleash you by tying you up and subjecting you to tongue, toys, cock, fingers, more cock. Forget words. Forget talk, books, metaphor. Just fuck me for the sex, pure and simple.

In lust,


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